EuroNanoMed I & II call statistics

During the period 2009-2016, the ERA-NET EuroNanoMed I & II have successfully launched 7 joint calls for proposals.

These joint calls for proposals funded 61 transnational research projects on nanomedicine involving 319 partners from 20 countries/regions participating in the calls and 5 additional non-participating countries, with about € 53.1 million funding from the EuroNanoMed funding agencies and a further € 36.7 million funding from the research partners participating in the funded projects.

Country of origin of the applicants

Altogether, 1659 partners from 32 countries participated in these joint calls, in a total of 326 submitted projects. As presented in figure 1, the number of applicants per country has globally grown between 2009 and 2016, as well as the number of submitted proposals (from 24 to 68 respectively).


Figure 1: Number of applicants per country for the 7 joint calls for proposals.

*NPC (Non-Participating Country) refers to applicants from countries that did not participate in the joint transnational call. 

Overview of the 7 joint calls

The table below summarizes the outcomes of the 7 joint calls for proposals:

table ENMJTC2016 

Participation of research organizations in translational projects in Nanomedicine

As EuroNanoMed I & II joint calls for proposals aimed at funding translational research projects in Nanomedicine, each consortium had to include teams from at least 2 of the following categories: academia, clinic/public health, industry. The distribution between these three categories among consortia funded in the 7 joint calls is outlined in Figure 2. Noteworthy, 53% of the funded projects included partners from all three categories, indicating the high added value of these collaborations in nanomedicine translational research.

JTS 2016 Statistics Fig 2.

Figure 2: Type of research organizations funded through the 7 joint calls for proposals.


Scientific / technological areas covered by funded projects

The 7 joint calls for proposals were open to projects covering at least one of the three priority topics of the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine: Targeted delivery systems, Diagnostics, Regenerative medicine. The coverage of these three scientific areas among funded projects is presented in figure 3.

JTS 2016 Statistics Fig 3.

Figure 3: Distribution of scientific areas covered by funded projects in the 7 joint calls for proposals.